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Long-Term Partnership/ Strategic Collaboration

In the journey towards health equity, consistency and collaboration are key. We believe in forging deep-rooted partnerships that allow for sustained commitment, co-creation, and mutual growth.


Together, we can drive transformative change, ensuring that historically underrepresented voices are continually prioritized in public health.

Collaboration Opportunities

Joint Research Initiatives

Joint Research Initiatives

Pool our resources to address critical public health challenges, ensuring diverse and inclusive insights.

Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning

Continuous training and knowledge-sharing sessions to strengthen both our teams.

Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

Collaborate on policy recommendations and strategies to advocate for health equity at higher institutional levels.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Community Outreach & Engagement

Co-host events, workshops, and programs to directly engage with communities.

Shared Resources & Tools

Shared Resources & Tools

Access to analytical tools, and community networks to amplify our collective impact.

Our Partnership Process:

Partnerships & Collaboration Steps


Discovery: Initial discussions to understand mutual goals, expectations, and alignment.


Strategy Development: Crafting a collaborative roadmap, defining objectives, roles, and milestones.


Implementation: Launching initiatives, projects, or interventions based on our agreed strategy.


Continuous Evaluation: Regular check-ins to assess progress, gather feedback, and refine our approach.


Growth and Evolution: Identifying opportunities to expand our collaboration and deepen our impact.

Together, we shape a healthier tomorrow. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our mission, as we join hands with partners and communities to build a world where health and equity flourish side by side."


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