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Strategic Partnerships

In the journey towards health equity, consistency and collaboration are key. We believe in forging deep-rooted partnerships that allow for sustained commitment, co-creation, and mutual growth.


Together, we can drive transformative change, ensuring that historically underrepresented voices are prioritized in public health.

Collaboration Opportunities

Joint Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

Co-create approaches to address your organization's challenges that ensure diverse and inclusive insights.

Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning

Continuous training and knowledge-sharing sessions to strengthen both our teams.

Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

Collaborate on policy recommendations and strategies to advocate for health equity at higher institutional levels.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Community Engagement

Co- create events, workshops, and programs to directly engage with communities.

Shared Resources & Tools

Shared Resources & Tools

Access to analytical tools, and community networks to amplify our collective impact.

Our Partnership Process:

Partnerships & Collaboration Steps


Initial Introductions: Discussion to understand shared goals and potential opportunities for collaboration.


Co-create a Strategic Approach: Determine complementary strengths to leverage the skills and expertise of both teams, maximizing the impact of the collaboration.


Partnership Agreement: Create a formal agreement (e.g., Memorandum of Understanding) that outlines the terms of engagement, established roles and responsibilities for each partner, and a clear communication plan.


Launch and Collaborate: Implement the co-created initiative with ongoing communication, opportunity sharing, and a commitment to joint evaluation for continuous improvement.

Together, we shape a healthier tomorrow. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our mission, as we join hands with partners and communities to build a world where health and equity flourish side by side."


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